Tuesday, April 17, 2007

No Boys Allowed!!

So, with Steve out on a boat, and John out of town (ironically, he's out on a boat as well), my sister Shannon and I have been able to spend some quality time together. It's been great girlie time, full of jelly beans, Grey's Anatomy marathons, gossip, good beer (not IPA!!), and of course some outdoor adventures. We climbed a peak just outside of Anchorage on Saturday (see the pictures above of our celebration headstands and cheerleading jumps, and Shan's quick save with her ice ax) and on Sunday, we took on an adventure race in the front range. We're both about to leave town - Shan to PT school in Utah, and me to leave the country for a few months - so some bonding time has definitely been in order before the big farewell.


emma said...

Looks like some good Alaskan girl time! I didn't know that Shannon was leaving already- when is she heading to Utah?
All is well here. Just came back from our local izakaya (pub) and had plum wine, grilled peppers, and baked pumpkin- yummy!

Anonymous said...

-Jared (JLR)

Julie said...

Oh, how I miss the mountains! (although I've certainly never even touched an ice ax...) Best of travels to the both of you! Sad you won't be around when we're back up in the AK this summer.