Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Retirement!

My dad officially retired from Alyeska two days ago, after a whopping 32 years working for them! Congrats, Dad! There's a party for him tonight, to celebrate his new freedom. So, all of their kids out of the house (Zak started college at NAU this fall), my mom sold the Calico Whale to her employee about a month ago, and now my dad's out of work as well. It's time to go have some fun!

(I don't know when this photo was taken, but I assume it was in the early days of Alyeska.....)


ZaK "The Best Sibling" Koszarek said...

Why must dad always make fun of me when I wear glasses like that? Huh Dad! Congrats Slacker

shannon 'the most loved sibling' koszarek said...

I was just noticing the family resemblance between little Zak and big Phil. I wish I could be there to partake in the celebration. Now the real adventure begins. RETIREMENT!