Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Meet the Rideouts!

The Rideouts are a fabulously beautiful, wonderfully adventurous couple who would like to share their extraordinairily exciting lives with you. Join them as they wrestle tigers in the wilds of Borneo; as they slay dragons in hidden parts of Europe; as they search for the fabled Holy Grai- Well, they like to travel and explore a lot, and a blog is great way to share those adventures with everyone, so be sure to check back often! Next trip? Just today, I purchased our flights from Anchorage (our home) to Toronto (Stephen's old home) to Istanbul (Stephen's aunt's current home) to Delhi (a good place to jump off on a 5 month adventure) back to Toronto and finally returning to Alaska a day after Abby's supposed to start nursing school. Oh well, you never really learn anything important on the first day of class, do you? We leave Anchorage for Canadia on May 4th, just as Alaskan summer is ramping up (believe me, more than a single tear has been shed over that one already...), and it's off to Turkey May 12th. We'll be back home on January 7th, which concidentally enough, aside from being Abby's nursing school start date, is also Stephen's 31st birthday. So, lots to look forward to, and in the meantime, it will be nothing but work, work, work so we can afford to live like peasants for 7 months abroad.

I'm getting very excited.


Anonymous said...

um sounds like you are off to a great start-if you ever want to sit down and talk about that cafe let me know.....DC

tvb said...

you guys are awesome!